New Spingenie Casino Trends 2022


Did you know that according to MarketWatch data, the global online casino market is valued at $100 million, which will hopefully reach about $130 million by 2027? The global pandemic has forced land-based casinos to close their counter and open an amusing digital platform for gambling. Since then, SpinGenie has evolved advanced technologies and made them more fun for users. If you want to know the new casino trends of 2022, then read the article till its end.

Smartphone Betting

Nowadays, most people do everything online with their tab or mobile, even playing at casinos. Study shows that online betting with mobile has impacted casinos’ growth, which will continue after 2022.

You can play with your friends and relatives on your favourite gambling site with smartphone betting. Mobile betting has also presented many audiences and markets in the Casino gambling sites. It’s expected that the online casino through smartphones will attract a more diversified audience in the coming years.

There are so many advantages of gambling in online casinos through smartphones, and you can play it from any place in the country at your convenience.

Gambling In Smartwatches

People keep Smartwatches for tracking their sleep, steps, health, etc. But it also provides smooth growth for the online casino industry. However, nowadays, most gambling sites are accessible on mobiles, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. The gambling industry leaders are always working hard and evolving new ideas in the casino industry, making gambling easier for the users.

Deposit Bonuses

Nowadays, SpinGenie rewards the users for making accounts with them, which has impacted the number of users simultaneously. Most of them also provide 200% of their deposit bonus. In that case, the new users also get an opportunity to boost their investments and to have more games.

The new players generally don’t invest much for their first time, but they want to explore more games. The deposit bonus can be an excellent idea for new users.

Better Visual Experience

There are drastic improvements in the overall viewing quality in casinos. So, this experience is expected to grow further in the current year. In 2022, the online casinos will come back with a more modern and graphic-like experience for the users. Some online casinos have also implemented the ideas of live elements, so the users can have more fun using the platform.

Hybrid Casino Experience

Virtual Reality is nowadays a popular trend in the gaming industry. However, this concept has also been incorporated into online casinos. This technological advance of VR has also brought life to gambling so that the users can get an immersive experience in gaming.


These are some of the new trends you will enjoy in online casinos. Online casinos nowadays are getting popular with new and latest technologies. So, it is expected to see some significant changes in SpinGenie in recent years. Hopefully, the users will benefit from it and get an enjoyable and convenient platform for gambling.

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